Bryce has over a decade of experience bringing diverse stakeholders together to explore solutions to complex problems.  As a participant of the Public Interest Research Group’s Green Corps program, Bryce engaged on with stakeholders on issues varying from livestock marketing in North Dakota, defending California’s global warming legislation, elevating concerns around the Keystone XL pipeline in Houston, and ran a door-to-door canvass in Pennsylvania to protect local streams.  As staff with the Sierra Club, Bryce created community mapping and analysis tools used nationally by the organization and were leveraged to deploy the successful Ready for 100 Campaign in Colorado with involvement in ten community commitments. In the aftermath of the 2013 Colorado floods, Bryce was able to rapidly bring together a Flood Recovery Weekend with dozens of partners and hundreds of participants to support clean-up efforts.  Bryce’s community engagement has been extensive, from hosting statewide conferences with hundreds of attendees in Virginia, North Dakota, and Colorado to serving on local boards including the Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods regional neighborhood organization and Denver Mayor Hancock’s Sustainability Advisory Council. Bryce believes in creating an inclusive space to ensure all stakeholders feel like they’re being heard and are able to contribute is essential in building a foundation for collaboration, while ensuring a just and equitable transition to a more sustainable future.

The Nexus of Community and Sustainability
Many of today's societal challenges can be traced back to unsustainable practices and disregard of communities whether due to racial or socioeconomic divides. As the world's climate changes, we collectively face extreme stresses only the most resilient societies will be prepared for. This resiliency must be accessible to all, in the form of collective learning, financial investments, and infrastructure. How do we do it? Start local.
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